Computational and Data Intensive Physics Group Research Activities

Fundamental Properties of Spin Glasses

Existence of a spin-glass state in a field
Spin-glass state at low temperatures
Universality in spin glasses
Chaos in spin glasses
Ultrametric structure of the phase space
Potts glasses
Vector spin glasses, gauge glasses, vortices
One-dimensional spin glasses with power-law interactions
All papers about spin glasses

Quantum Computing

Topologically-protected quantum computing proposals
Quantum annealing and quantum enhanced optimization

Other Disordered Systems & Applications

Novel disordering mechanisms (LiHo)
Effects of quenched disorder on first-order phase transitions
Coulomb (electron) glasses
Random-field systems
Reentrance in physical systems
Structural glass transition
Boolean decision problems on scale-free networks

Avalanches & Hysteresis

Avalanches and self-organized criticality
Hysteresis modeling

Other Research Areas

Cold Bosonic and Fermionic gases
Single molecule magnets (e.g., Mn12)
Vortices in high-temperature superconductors


Development & testing